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Design the driveway for proper drainage

Ensuring the driveway is pitched properly for drainage will prevent damage not only to the driveway, but also to surrounding structures. The driveway should be pitched from the center of the driveway (the crown) to the outside edge to allow drainage off the surface. A pitch of 1/4″ for each foot in width will allow water to run off the driveway surface. In addition, pitching the driveway to slope away from the home at a rate of at least 18 inches for every 100 feet in length will drain water away from the home.

Wait for ground to settle

When installing a paved driveway for a new home, it’s important to wait for the ground to settle. Although new homeowners may be anxious to get their house completed, including the driveway, waiting a few months before paving will save time and money later. If the driveway is installed before the ground has settled, future settling can negatively affect the pitch of the driveway, which will affect drainage. Ground settling can also cause cracking and splitting of the pavement if one area settles more than another.

Remove organic material from subgrade

The ground that the paved driveway is laid upon is referred to as the subgrade. As with any building project, the foundation that the project is built upon is critical to the quality of the finished project. The subgrade should be not only solidly compacted and smooth, but all organic material should be removed; this includes removing all topsoil and clay. Any organic material left on the subgrade can retain water, which can lead to damage of the driveway.
Repair subgrade soft spots

Selecting a Paving company for a commercial or residential project:

When selecting a paving contractor, narrow to few contractors, book appointments or ask to talk to them directly over the phone. Give them your assessment and see what they have to say about it. You can learn a lot about a contractor by the way they initially handle your situation. If a contractor asks a lot of questions or wants to see the area for themselves, it shows they are serious about the job and providing you with the best service. If a contractor doesn’t seem like they are listening to you and agree to do a job without solid information, perhaps asking them questions about their business and requesting to view their portfolio will help you make your final decision.  Take a look at G&H Paving Commercial & Residential Work.

The G&H Paving difference:

We know their are many capable paving companies but G&H Paving sets themselves apart in the following ways:

• We research all our suppliers to guarantee the highest quality materials are used on all our projects, Commercial & Residential
• We are committed to maintaining and investing in state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy the highest demands.
• Our job sites are kept neat and we work to complete your job at an efficient pace.
• Our prices are very competitive because we have “in-house” experts on staff for all forms of concrete, pavers and stonework.
• As a company we employ the highest standards for all our jobs. We demand the best from our employees and they are committed to customer satisfaction.
• We thrive on word of mouth business. Our philosophy is once a G&H customer always a G&H customer and we hope you will tell your friends, family and business associates.

Please let us know if we can help with your next Commercial or Residential paving project…
G&H paving of Connecticut:
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